Author: Gloria Peters

Vaping from a Good Head Space

There’s nothing I like better than taking off for the wooded areas around my home in central North Carolina.  I can melt into the greenery and find a relaxing spot by a stream or river and spend hours in natural or on long walks.  I usually bring some food, reading material and my vaping pens so I can maximize the enjoyment while I’m out.  It’s the perfect way to take advantage of all the natural beauty in my environment.  I like to make sure I’m near a park or garden when it’s time to eat.  There are lots of food trucks near the downtown area, and trails that lead from there back into the woods.  I’m not a hermit, mind you, or an antisocial type, I just love my solitude and really dig a good smoke.

I can sit and write for a long time in my journal, doodle a few sketches or take in the activity at the local farmer’s market.  I bought a pair of custom Chaco’s a few years ago, and they were one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  They are perfect for walking the trails in the summer, and I recently used a Groupon coupon to buy some Chukka boots for the cold weather ahead.  They have good traction on the bottom and should be real nice in the snow.  By using a Groupon, I saved a lot of money on a pair of sliders I’ll give my mother for Christmas, and I’m using Groupon promo codes for all of my shopping this year.

I like to get in a lot of walking this time of year.  I love to feel the cool breeze on my face and smell the grass as I stride across open fields and parks.  Vaping is a perfect way for me to relax out in the open.  And I also get together with friends and try new flavors that we come up with when we mix new stuff together.  There’s a lot of talk about it being bad for you, but I do all I can to take care of my health – eat right, get exercise, and keep my head clear by walking around in my Chaco’s.